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[cpm-player skin=”device-player-skin” width=”100%” playlist=”true” type=”audio”] [cpm-item file=”″]1 S Wetrom ja Guljaju – Ich gehe mit dem Wind – I roar with the Wind[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]2 TroIka- Dreigespann[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]3 Vtyomnon Lesye – In the dark woods – Im dunklen Wald[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]5 Dr. Zivago Lara’s Thema – Lara’s Theme[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]6 Dwenatcat Razbojnikoff – Die zwölf Räuber[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]7 Bjelowjetskaja Pushcha – Der Weissen Wald – The white forest re master[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]8 Russkaja Polje – Russisches Feld – Russian Field[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]9 Matij Bozija – Mutter Gottes – Mother of God[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]10 Iz Taigi – Der dichten Taiga – The dense Taiga[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]11 Zamelo, tjebja Russia – Mir Schnee bis du bedeckt, Russland – remaster[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]12 Kazartsja Pjesnja – Eine Kosakengeschichte – A Cossack story[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]13 Chernoglazaya kazachka – Die schwarzäugige Kosakin – The black eyed Cossack[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]14 Korobejniki[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]15 Pod dugoj kolokolcik[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]16 Tropf,tropf – Drup, Drup[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]17 Yamschik, Ne Goni Loshadey – Kutscher, verschone die Pferde – Coachman, spare the horses[/cpm-item] [cpm-item file=”″]18 Slavjanki – Abschied von meiner Slawin – A Slav Woman’s farewell remaster[/cpm-item] [/cpm-player]
The new CD, released on the Austrian label ‘Tyrolis’, is a fantastic musical reading by the Don KosakenChor Russland & the Instrumental soloists Ensemble ‘Philarmonia’. The excellent recordings and editing made by Paul Schuurman (VAN Studio) contribute to an hour of musical Russian enjoyment.  Virtuoso instrumental works as well as the vocal works are performed here in a compelling way by the choir and ensemble. Conductor Marcel N. Verhoeff has the choir and ensemble sing and play from an extremely pianissimo to an overwhelming fortissimo, without forcing anything. This new CD is a must. It brings the listener to the Russian Taiga, the melancholy of Dr. Zivago, to the intensely sung authentic Cossack songs.


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