The record company Tyrolis proudly presents the promo of the new release of the Don KosakenChor Russland.

1. S Wetrom ja Guljaju - Ich gehe mit dem Wind - I roar with the Wind

2 TroIka- Dreigespann

3 Vtyomnon Lesye - In the dark woods - Im dunklen Wald

4 Wecernij Zwon - The evening chime - das Abendläuten

5 Dr. Zivago Lara's Thema - Lara's Theme

6 Dwenatcat Razbojnikoff - Die zwölf Räuber

7 Bjelowjetskaja Pushcha - Der Weissen Wald - The white forest re master

8 Russkaja Polje - Russisches Feld - Russian Field

9 Matij Bozija - Mutter Gottes - Mother of God

10 Iz Taigi - Der dichten Taiga - The dense Taiga

11 Zamelo, tjebja Russia - Mir Schnee bis du bedeckt, Russland

-12 Kazartsja Pjesnja - Eine Kosakengeschichte - A Cossack story

13 Chernoglazaya kazachka - Die schwarzäugige Kosakin - The black eyed Cossack

14 Korobejniki

15 Pod dugoj kolokolcik

16 Tropf,tropf - Drup, Drup

17 Yamschik, Ne Goni Loshadey - Kutscher, verschone die Pferde - Coachman, spare the horses

18 Slavjanki - Abschied von meiner Slawin - A Slav Woman's farewell

New CD

The Greatest Hits, the new album from the Don KosakenChor Russland world-wide released by

The record company Tyrolis, based in Austria, released the CD “The Greatest Hits” worldwide last May. A convincing CD with romantic and exciting Russian songs and instrumental works. Deep basses and lyrical tenors tell their story musically, authentically and purely. Have we sparked your interest? Then please take a look at our MCA WEBSHOP and enjoy  many more musical highlights.

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The National Day of Russia is celebrated on June 12 with the ‘Day of Russia’ (День России). Also known as the ‘Day of the Adoption of the Declaration of State Sovereignty’. The Russian government has chosen this year to put together a flash mob. From each country connected, a person is asked to send a message. This message is then distributed in a compilation by the Ministry and worldwide. For the Netherlands, the first cases are on conductor Marcel N. Verhoeff, a short message in solidarity. Marcel has expressed in his -originally longer speech- mainly expressed his love for the culture in Russia, combined with the excellent cuisine and the warm loving people he embraces, as well as ‘Mother Russia’.