Aus dem Herzen Russlands

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The Don Cossack Choir was founded in 1921 by Serge Jaroff from exiled Don Cossacks. The Don KosakenChor Russia was founded in 1992 in Russia. The record label Deutsche Grammophon has brought both choirs together on a unique CD. The Don Kosaken under the direction of the legendary Serge Jaroff and the Don KosakenChor Russia under the direction of Marcel N. Verhoeff. The choirs specializing in Russian folk songs and folklore have performed in Europe and the USA. The Russian men belong to one of the world’s most famous choirs and perform folk songs that move hearts, both in Russian and in German. Here the Russian soul is given expression by singing wistful, difficult works as well as funny and brisk pieces. Both choirs immediately take the listener into the vastness of Russia and let them see the world with the heart of a yearning, but nevertheless proud Russian Don Cossack.


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