Don KosakenChor Russland

Don KosakenChor Russland and Instrumental Soloist Ensemble ‘Philharmonia’ recorded the soundtrack for the Russian-Dutch film ‘Duska’ by the well-known film director Jos Stelling. The film was the opening film at the Netherlands Film Festival.
Duska is the imaginative story of Bob (Gene Bervoets), who has had the best part of his life. He is addicted to film, visited various festivals as a critic and is now working on his own screenplay. His great muse and inspiration is the beautiful, young unattainable cashier (Sylvia Hoeks) from the cinema across the street. When the desire for the girl transcends Bob’s imagination and she actually ends up in his house, suddenly a certain Duska (Sergei Makovetsky) is at the door. The timing couldn’t be worse. This kindest good-for-nothing Bob once met at a Russian film festival. In an overconfident mood, he handed him his business card and invited him to come over if he ever was around. And Bob should not have done that. The enigmatic Duska has no intention of leaving Bob. Then an original tragicomedy develops with the most unlikely twists.

Some reactions from viewers:


The title is a Russian word and means “sweetheart”. It is also the title of a popular song that is often sung, especially when the melancholy lie comes to the surface through the use of alcohol. At the end of the film you can hear the song “Doeshka” beautifully performed by the Don Cossack Choir. The intense use of color in the film, the little spoken word, immediately takes you into the fascinating story of friendship. Beautifully presented by Jos Stelling and rightly the official opening film of the Netherlands Film Festival. A must for everyone, because the film takes you from start to finish!
Jose Hill ’S-Hertogenbosch, 6 April 2009